Los Campesinos! – No Blues (2013)

Los Campesinos! has never been a band to take life lying down. Over the course of four albums in as many years, the Welsh band has taken the personal and existential crises facing aimless, terrified twentysomethings and channeled them into manic, occasionally bruising, sugar-rush anthems. Although 2011’s wobbly Hello Sadness suggested the band’s future was

Song of the Week: Army Navy – Crushed Like The Car

In his review of The National’s Trouble Will Find Me, The AV Club’s Josh Modell mused on the band’s songwriting: “at first it seems almost free of hooks, then six listens later it’s difficult to get it unstuck.” That sentence perfectly describes the music of LA power-pop group Army Navy, who are gearing up for their

Will Watches James Bond: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

“This never happened to the other fellow.” Where in the world are? Switzerland, primarily the gorgeous Swiss Alps. What are the stakes? Bond, still hunting for Blofeld two years after blowing the top off SPECTRE’s volcano hideout (har har), manages to track him to a top-secret laboratory atop the Schilthorn in the Alps, where he

Listen To This: CHVRCHES – Gun

Another day, another great track from CHVRCHES. Expectations for the Scottish band’s upcoming debut The Bones Of What You Believe have risen and risen with each song they’ve released, which would be dangerous were it not for the fact that they’re now four singles deep and there hasn’t been a clunker yet (not to mention the

Movie Review: Vantage Point (2008)

There’s a good idea at the heart of Vantage Point, a mildly clever but generally idiotic thriller about the attempted assassination of the US President (William Hurt) and the immediate aftermath. Eschewing a straightforward narrative, Vantage Point takes a fractured, Rashomon-styled approach, replaying the events as witnessed by several key persons: a secret service agent, a camera crew,

The Best Music of 2013 (So Far)

It’s been a bleak year for music. Not “bleak” in the sense that there hasn’t been any good music. On the contrary, 2013 – only halfway through – has already outstripped both 2012 and 2011 in quality of albums (and quantity of those albums, too). I mean “bleak” in the sense that somebody needs to