Listen To This: CHVRCHES – Gun


Another day, another great track from CHVRCHES. Expectations for the Scottish band’s upcoming debut The Bones Of What You Believe have risen and risen with each song they’ve released, which would be dangerous were it not for the fact that they’re now four singles deep and there hasn’t been a clunker yet (not to mention the stellar b-side “Now Is Not The Time”). “Gun,” released back in June, doesn’t deviate from the trio’s established sound – Lauren Mayberry’s fluttering voice atop heavyweight synth riffs – but that doesn’t mean CHVRCHES aren’t doing some interesting things here, like the way the chorus kicks down the door with booming, stomping drums the first time around but drops away to nearly nothing the second, leaving only Mayberry’s fragile vocal hanging behind. It’s a daring, unexpected moment, and makes the inevitable crescendo that follows all the more exhilarating. This is electro pop for people who don’t like electro pop.


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