Los Campesinos! – No Blues (2013)

Los Campesinos! has never been a band to take life lying down. Over the course of four albums in as many years, the Welsh band has taken the personal and existential crises facing aimless, terrified twentysomethings and channeled them into manic, occasionally bruising, sugar-rush anthems. Although 2011’s wobbly Hello Sadness suggested the band’s future was

Portugal. The Man – Evil Friends (2013)

Portugal. The Man have always been about the singles. While their albums on the whole tend to sag beneath an overdose of psychedelic flourishes, they have consistently churned out great, infectious pop songs like “People Say” and “All My People” that are just off-kilter enough to keep them off the charts. Evil Friends, the oddly-punctuated Portland

The National – Trouble Will Find Me (2013)

“You don’t mind seeing yourself in a picture as long as you look far away, as long as you look removed,” Matt Berninger sang on Boxer‘s key single, “Mistaken For Strangers.” It’s a line that applies to his bleak but steadily dignified band: over their previous three albums, the National have become masters of atmosphere, able

Telekinesis – Dormarion (2013)

When the first single from Telekinesis’s third album, Domarion, arrived, it was greeted with some mild consternation. Michael Benjamin Lerner’s first two albums were punchy, athletic pieces of guitar pop, anchored by their zig-zagging, syncopated riffs. So when “Ghosts and Creatures” came along, an airy synth ballad with an ethereal piano line and a steady –

Kid Canaveral – Now That You Are A Dancer (2013)

Kid Canaveral’s debut was one of the more pleasant surprises of 2010. Giddy and maniacally catchy it may have been, Shouting at Wildlife‘s true staying power nonetheless came not from its hooks, but from tracks like “And Another Thing!!” which seemed to realize something most bands never do: music doesn’t have to be soft or slow