Movie Review: Vantage Point (2008)

There’s a good idea at the heart of Vantage Point, a mildly clever but generally idiotic thriller about the attempted assassination of the US President (William Hurt) and the immediate aftermath. Eschewing a straightforward narrative, Vantage Point takes a fractured, Rashomon-styled approach, replaying the events as witnessed by several key persons: a secret service agent, a camera crew,

The Imposter (2012)

“That was impossible. You can do that in a movie…but you can’t do that for real.” “Twisty psychological thriller” isn’t usually a phrase associated with documentaries, but, then again, The Imposter isn’t your average documentary. Playing out like the nightmarish love child of Agatha Christie and Christopher Nolan, The Imposter may recount the story of a factual

Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

A time travel movie that’s not really about time travel at all, Safety Not Guaranteed follows Darius (Aubrey Plaza, of Parks and Recreation), a dour intern who slaves away at a woefully lacking Seattle magazine (entitled, in a good marker of the film’s sense of humor, Seattle Magazine). Nostalgic for a happier childhood and haunted by

Movie Review: Zero Dark Thirty (2013)

The fervor over Kathryn Bigelow’s new film, Zero Dark Thirty, reached a new peak today when actor David Clemon, an administrative member of the Academy Awards, called for an Oscar boycott of the movie. He’s not the only one: both Martin Sheen and Ed Asner have spoken out, arguing that the film depicts torture as

Two very different films build their worlds out of cliches before razing them to the ground

Be aware: this article contains spoilers for the films Ruby Sparks and The Cabin in the Woods. Meet Ruby Sparks. She’s perky and cute, with a winning smile and trusting, deep blue eyes. She makes the best meatloaf you’ve ever tasted and loves blowjobs. She’s a talented artist, plays drinking games at zombie movies, and speaks fluent French.

Movie Review: Headhunters (2012)

watch the trailer here “Crazy” doesn’t even begin to describe this Norwegian thriller, which is partially slick, partially brutal, and absolutely bonkers. A lean, no-nonsense cat-and-mouse chase, Headhunters follows Roger Brown (an effective Aksel Hennie), a successful corporate headhunter whose self-doubt leads him to live beyond his means in order to impress his beautiful wife Diana