Los Campesinos! – No Blues (2013)

Los Campesinos! has never been a band to take life lying down. Over the course of four albums in as many years, the Welsh band has taken the personal and existential crises facing aimless, terrified twentysomethings and channeled them into manic, occasionally bruising, sugar-rush anthems. Although 2011’s wobbly Hello Sadness suggested the band’s future was

Song of the Week: Spiders Everywhere – Swing Loops

French pop outfit Spiders Everywhere kicked off their first EP (released last year and entitled, appropriately, The First EP), with this quietly anthemic single – admittedly, two descriptors you don’t normally see paired together. The song’s big, shiny, front-and-center riff is reminiscent of early Los Campesinos!, not only in its ruthless catchiness, but also in