Telekinesis – Dormarion (2013)

When the first single from Telekinesis’s third album,┬áDomarion, arrived, it was greeted with some mild consternation. Michael Benjamin Lerner’s first two albums were punchy, athletic pieces of guitar pop, anchored by their zig-zagging, syncopated riffs. So when “Ghosts and Creatures” came along, an airy synth ballad with an ethereal piano line and a steady –

Telekinesis – 12 Desperate Straight Lines (2011)

Twelve blazes of glory, more like. Unpretentious and direct, the twelve songs on Michael Benjamin Lerner’s second outing as Telekinesis are fiery and brief, some of the best guitar pop of 2011. Like much power pop, the zesty riffs tend to mask a darker lyrical bent – “I wanna live on a country lane, some